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"Your chucks are easier on my operators!"

I have been using core chucks from two other companies for about six years now. We frequently run into problems when the inside of the core is damaged by a core chuck. Since we take a roll through multiple machines in our converting process it can be hard to load a roll when the inside of the core is torn up. We have virtually eliminated the damage we have seen on the inside of the tube from core chucks and this has made it easier to take a roll through the entire converting process. Another big issue for us is positioning. We try to eliminate as much side to side wobble as possible. The other core chucks we have used allowed rolls to drift a little from side to side or they required a lot of force when mounting the rolls to keep the roll in position. Furthermore, both of the other styles I used really only locked the core securely from one end. The MSC core chucks allow us to locate a roll very accurately and quickly with minimal force, and it locks the roll to the bar from both ends. So it is easier on my operators and also helps us make a better product. Removing your core chuck from a finished roll is also easier than any other core chuck I have.

Christopher Smith, Blue Sky Packaging, Inc.

"We love your chucks!"

I needed a robust solution to a core shifting problem on our machine with the factory chucks – but in a 32mm bore. Mechanical Specialties was able to provide a custom bore in their tandem chuck configuration. We are now able to accommodate two core sizes (3” and a 6”) easily and the core slipping issue is a thing of the past. We love your chucks!

Chris Dunlap, Manufacturing Engineer, Zipp Speed Weaponry

"I definitely chose the right partner!"

I designed a compact unwinding system for films. This was built by Mechanical Specialties who used some of their products to compliment the design. I definitely chose the right partner! The system is working like a charm and the project is ahead of schedule. Thanks guys!

Victor Flores, Process Engineer, Pawling Corporation

"The quality is outstanding!"

We have been using Mechanical Specialties for many years in our food packaging machines. We use their standard core chucks, as well as specialty chucks. We find the customer service to be wonderful: quick responses for quotes, order confirmations, and any other questions we may have. Delivery is always on time per our requested dates. The quality of their products is outstanding as well. We have not had to return a product at any time. Overall, we find Mechanical Specialties reliable, helpful, and of great quality. They will continue to have our business for years to come.

Shellene Moyer, Packaging Progressions, Inc


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