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General Information

The chuck dimensions furnished on the specification sheets are presented for the purpose of enabling the user to make proper installation. When ordering, the customer’s selection should be based solely on the functioning, the correct Series Number, and the suitability of the chuck for the purpose intended.

Core Cutter Warranty Information

Core Cutters manufactured by M.S.C. will function as specified on new cores or cores in reasonable condition. M.S.C. will replace all parts that prove defective in material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery, provided they have been subject to proper usage. However, this does not include the replacement of parts that have been subject to normal wear such as Rotary Cutters (knives), Cutting Platens, Rubber Support Rollers and Limitation Rollers. Commercial Component Parts are under warranty to the original manufacturer’s guarantee.

Additional Warranty / Disclaimer Information

The right is reserved to make price, design, and specification changes without notice and with no obligation to provide similar changes on previously furnished M.S.C. products. Our products are carefully inspected at our plant before shipment and are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship, but only to the extent of repair or replacement, and includes no recompense for any costs, losses or damages arising because of such defective part. No other guarantees shall be implied and M.S.C. assumes no liability beyond that expressed above.

In accordance with the guarantee, M.S.C. will replace or repair any unit within one year from date of delivery. Chuck parts such as locking rollers, step plates and springs that are subject to normal operational wear are not included.


To prevent injury to operator, the machine should not be operated or turned on if the core chucks are not inserted in the cardboard cores. This does not apply when using the captive roller chucks (Series CR-CRS).


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