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Mechanical Specialties was founded by Arthur T. Blake. Mr. Blake was the chief engineering designer for a national plastics film company and was responsible for modifying the firm’s machinery and equipment used in the production of plastic film, while meeting the ever increasing standards of their customers. This experience and knowledge enabled him to obtain numerous patents and create the unqiue products that we continue to make today. Mr. Blake’s family has continued operating the company since its beginning in 1958. It is now the third generation at the helm with a positive outlook towards the future.

Self Locking Core Chuck

The Mechanical Specialties Company produced, marketed and patented the first commercial application of a self-locking core chuck, both in the United States and abroad. This introduction of a chuck that was self-locking brought a totally new concept to the winding and unwinding of roll material. The use of self-locking chucks as a prerequisite for quality roll production has been advocated in many trade magazine articles. Its use as standard equipment on machines produced by major equipment manufacturers attests to its widespread approval throughout the industry.

Mechanical Specialties, under new family management, relocated their operations from New Jersey to Rhode Island in 2015. As a family run business, we strive to provide personal service and attention including immediate responses to your questions or concerns. All our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and made to last. In addition, the custom manufacturing side of our business is available to manufacture other products you may require. All that is required is a authorized drawing.

We are proud to be a leader in this field with a very effective, low-cost, maintenance-free product.


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